10:00 am -
1:00 pm

Introduction to GIT

The workshop is an  Introduction to Git. We will clarify what Git, GitHub, GitHub Desktop, GitLab […] are during the workshop, since this can be confusing.
If any of you do not have an account at Humboldt-Universität, please let me know and tell me your email address at your home institution. For that case we need to create GitLab access for you. This cannot be done last minute, so please get in touch as soon as you can.
You do not need a GitHub account (but it also doesn’t hurt to have on in the future). Once you installed GitHub Desktop, please do not login with said account, since it affects authentication/identification.
GitHub Desktop as provided below only works for Windows and Mac. But there is a version for Linux as well:

There are other clients. Smartgit comes highly recommended, but you need to write an email to get an academic license. Do not use Smartgit without said license. We will very likely not have the time to also practice using Smartgit, but you will understand how to use it afterwards anyway. At least a bit better.

 It will be useful to have GitHub Desktop installed, we will look at it. But for getting you more acquainted with Git in general, we will use a terminal. Linux and Mac come with a great native terminal. To prepare for the workshop as a Windows user, you will have to install Git which comes with a shell feature. You can nevertheless also install Powershell.

You need to install Git ( for Windows Users) before the workshop. Shortcut for MacUsers: Just open a terminal and type “git”, press enter, and allow to install the recommended tools. Ubuntu users can install Git via apt (sudo apt install git).

This is a hybrid event. Zoom: