"If the students have been all that attentive, they will pass the exam." You don't find that sentence all that good, but can't say why? New @FrontPsychol study out on attenuating NPIs by Juliane Schwab & Mingya Liu. #sfb1412 #news

#sfb1412 #news

New round of CRC fellowships for Ph.D. candidates

The CRC 1412 ‘Register’ awards scholarships for up to 1 year. Apply until

February 28th, 2022

Deadline EXTENDED until April 15, 2022


New round of PhD fellowships

MGK-Fellowships for Postgraduate Researchers – Call for fellowship applications (MGK)


The CRC 1412 welcomes four new doctoral fellows in October/November!

Alina Zöllner – C06
Lea-Sophie Adam – C06
Foteini Karkaletsou – B01
Alena Baumgärtner – C05

Aria Adli on science in times of Corona

In a short video, SFB member Aria Adli (Romanisches Seminar der Universität zu Köln) from project A06 talks about the challenges in teaching, science, and field work in times of Corona.


New project A07 “Pragmatic Functions and Effects of Register Variation and Switch: a Register approach to negation and polarity” approved!

A07 will be headed by Mingya Liu, since April 2019 junior professor at the Department of English and American Studies of the Humboldt-University.


New fellows

The CRC awarded 4 doctoral fellowships to Shujun Wan (C04), Adler Zhou (A01), Maggie Bullock Oliveira (C06) and Tyler Kibbey (A01).

New project C07 “Register perception in a multilingual context of German” approved!

C07 will be headed by Heike Wiese, who has been a new professor for German in multilingual contexts at Humboldt-University since April 2019, and Antje Sauermann, a postdoctoral researcher in her group.


Fellowships: call for applications

The Integrated Graduate School MGK is calling for applications for fellowships.


New rooms at the Hausvogteiplatz

After the start of the project, a lot still needs to be organized. Among other things, premises for the new employees of the SFB need to be provided and obtained.