Zahra Farokhnejad

Humboldt-Universität zu Berlin

Sprach- und literaturwissenschaftliche Fakultät

I am Zahra Farokhnejad, a 39-year-old bilingual Kurdish-Persian speaker from Ilam, Iran. I majored my B.A. of English literature in Tehran university and have been working as an EFL teacher and English to Persian translator since 2002. I used to work as a staff in an educational company too, but last year I abandon it because I thought the job was not dynamic enough.
I got interested into Computational linguistics in my free studies and it leaded me to study General Linguistics for my M.A. My thesis was related to Ontology.
Beside working on ontology, I am interested in other linguistic areas such as syntax and semantics. During my M.A. studies I also translated a book entitled “The Persian system of Politeness and the Persian Folk Concept of Face” written by Dr. Sofia Koutlaki into Persian. I grew my interest in sociolinguistics during that project.
At the moment, I am studying my 3rd semester of PhD in Tehran University and my focus is on register-related variations in Kurdish. I am thinking about a way to connect my new interest in sociolinguistics to my old interest of computational linguistics and I hope to find this was as soon as possible.


A06 Modeling register variation across languages


Publications & Presentations


  • Farokhnejad, Zahra  (2022) A general outlook of Kurdish register data: focusing on Code-switching and post-predicate constituents  In: Humboldt-Universität zu Berlin: Kolloquium Syntax und Semantik (2022) [ViVo]