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A01 Metaphor and metonymy as register phenomena

The goal of project A01 is to investigate the interdependency of metaphor and metonymy with register. The topic will be addressed in terms of two questions: (i) How do metaphor and metonymy contribute to establishing, complying with, and signaling specific registers? (ii) How does register influence the choice of metaphor and metonymy and their function in discourse? The investigations will be based on a corpus whose five parts represent registers that are balanced for relevant features of register variation. Those features of metaphor and metonymy that turn out to be relevant for register will be operationalized in a multidimensional analysis of register.

Project leader

Markus Egg, Institut für Anglistik und Amerikanistik


Valia Kordoni

Studant assistant

Patrick Saliger

Doctoral fellows

Tyler Kibbey
Adler Zhou


Markus Egg