Prof. Dr. Heike Wiese

Humboldt-Universität zu Berlin

Sprach- und literaturwissenschaftliche Fakultät

Heike Wiese is Professor of German in Multilingual Contexts and founder of the Centre “Language in Urban Diversity” at Humboldt-University Berlin. She is interested in the dynamics of multilingual settings, with foci on grammatical-pragmatic interfaces and linguistic architecture, and on monolingual ideologies, linguistic discrimination and empowerment. In her research, she investigates contact dialects, grammatical developments within heritage speakers’ repertoires, urban markets as metrolingual sites, and the dynamics of German in the multilingual context of Namibia. She is the speaker of a Research Unit on ‘Emerging Grammars in Language-Contact Situations’, and leads several projects on German in multilingual settings. Her 2012 monograph on Kiezdeutsch as a new German dialect received national and international media attention, and raised awareness of urban contact dialects as a legitimate part of the linguistic landscape. In transfer and outreach activities, she cooperates with educational institutions, museums, and speaker communities.


C07 Register perception in a multilingual context of German: Differentiation, awareness, and attitudes


Humboldt-Universität zu Berlin, Dorotheenstraße 24, 10117 Berlin



Publications & Presentations


  • Wiese, Heike; Alexiadou, Artemis; Shanley, Allen; Bunk, Oliver; Gagarina, Natalia; Iefremenko, Kateryna; Martynova, Maria; Pashkova, Tatiana; Rizou, Vicky; Schroeder, Christoph; Shadrova, Anna; Szucsich, Luka; Tracy, Rosemarie; Wintai, Tsehaye; Zerbian, Sabine; Zuban, Yulia  (2022) Heritage Speakers as Part of the Native Language Continuum In: Frontiers in Psychology [DOI] [ViVo]
  • Wiese, Heike; Bracke, Y.  (2021) Registerdifferenzierung im Namdeutschen: Informeller und formeller Sprachgebrauch in einer vitalen Sprechergemeinschaft In: Kontaktvarietäten des Deutschen im Ausland [ViVo]
  • Wiese, Heike  (2021) Communicative situations as a basis for linguistic systems: Integrating linguistic multi-competence with grammatical structure In: Working Papers in Urban Language & Literacies [ViVo]
  • Presentations

  • Bunk, Oliver; Schulte, Britta; Wiese, Heike  (2022) Bare NPs in German in the US, Namibia, and Germany: Results from a comparative corpus study In: Deutsche Sprachminderheiten kontrastiv, Bamberg [ViVo]
  • Wiese, Heike  (2021) Language Situations: A method to elicit comparable, naturalistic data across registers, languages, and speakers In: Colloquium Østfold University College [ViVo]
  • Wiese, Heike  (2021) How alien is it abroad? German in heritage and majority language settings In: German Abroad 4, Windhoek [ViVo]