Linda Borrmann-Dücker

Humboldt-Universität zu Berlin

Institut für Archäologie

Linda Borrmann-Dücker is a research assistant in the CRC project “Register knowledge in Ancient Egypt” (B03) at the Department of “Archaeology and Cultural History of Northeast Africa” at Humboldt-Universität zu Berlin.

As an Egyptologist, Linda conducts research on monuments of social self-representation (text-image compositions) in various archaeological contexts and the communication strategies used in them, applying approaches from cultural studies, landscape archaeology, and phenomenology, as well as those from the fields of semiotics and multimodal communication. One of her research interests is the linguistic and graphic variation spectrum of private representational inscriptions in public space (specifically: pharaonic rock, votive, and funerary inscriptions). Among other things, she examines how these inscriptions differ, for example, according to their context of use or the social status of their owners, and how they are adapted to their situational and communicative contexts. The main focus is on 1) the linguistic and graphic means that are used or varied in order to achieve adaptation, and 2) on the external and internal factors that condition adaptation (functional and situational parameters). By means of the focused research questions, register phenomena and register knowledge can be described and analyzed for the ancient Egyptian culture.


B03 Register variation and asymmetric communication in Ancient Egypt